Flying Cigarette?

One time me and my friends were just being kids and being stupid. Most of the boys with us had paint ball guns and it was pitch black. We heard stories about this house that was supposed to be haunted, and being the punks we were, we wanted to find out about it. We skateboarded down to the house and couldn't get in the front or side doors, so me and Heidi went to the back.
We heard a noise and stopped dead. right in front of us was a red dot. a lighted cigarette. then a man shouted," HEY WHAT DO YOU PUNKS THINK YOUR DOING OUT HERE." and we busted out of there like crazy.
As i skated down the street as fast as i could, heidi rode on a tiny kids bike and suddenly heidi fell sideways on the road. the boys that were with us had hid behind bushes and shot heidi down with a paint ball gun....right in the side. it was fricken hilarious. then we told the boys our story and said that a guy was still chasing us...which wasnt true anymore...and we hid inside another abandoned house.